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Nargis Cafe Catering is available for small family gatherings in your home, business mixers, weddings, corporate lunches or meetings, church socials and any event that may require on site food catering service. Whether you are planning a luncheon for a large corporate gathering or throwing a small party, Nargis Cafe can provide a delicious meal to please your crowd. We pride ourselves on our personal, friendly service, and will work with you to create a menu that meets your needs and fits your budget. We are happy to either provide wait service for your event or drop food off to you in insulated disposable trays. Our menu offers many options for vegetarians and those with special dietary needs; ask us how we can meet yours. For more information, call us at (718) 872-7888. All our food is prepared fresh to order. Delivery is available for an additional charge. Prices subject to change. Someone will contact you to confirm your submitted order and method of payment. You can also call us at (718) 872-7888 with questions about your order. Small Serves 10-15 Guests / Large Serves 20-25 Guests. All orders require 100% deposit and at least 24 hours notice. All items served in disposable aluminum containers.

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Salad "Achichuk" $30
Salad "Navruz" $30
Salad "Tashkent" $34.50
Salad "Nargis" $25.50
Markovcha $24
Fried Eggplant Salad $
Salad "Bojon" $27
Spring Salad $33
Avocado Salad $36
Fresh Salad w/Feta Cheese $33
Babaganoush $24
Hummus $21
Trout $98
Sea-bass $180
Salmon $92.50
Branzini $124.75
Uzbek Plov $44
Samsa $46
Samsa $36
Manti $27
Crispy "Manti" $27
Khonim $36
Chuchvara $36
Crispy "Chuchvara" $30
Chebureki $45
Pickled Herring $30
Assorted Pickled Vegetables $24
"Kim-chee" $21
Feta Cheese with Tomatoes $25.50
Home Fries w/Mushrooms and Onions $38
Spiced French Fries $30
Sauteed Vegetables $26
White Rice $20
"Non-Toki" $6
"Non" $6
French Fries $30
Mashed Potatoes $20
Chicken Kebab $48
Lamb Kebab $50
Lamb Ribs Kebab $54
Beef Kebab $52
Lulya Kebab $50
Chicken Wings $52
Chicken Hearts $52
Veal Liver Kebab $48
Grilled Marinated Baby Chicken $56.85
Turkish Liver $62.50
Mixed Vegetables on the Grill $70
Marinated Tomatoes on the Grill $32
Napoleon from "Nargis" $37.50
Chak-chak $22
Baklava $28
Assorted Dessert $27
Fruit Plater $70
Total price: $0.00

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