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Say Hello to Healthy Food

Say Hello to Healthy Food

  • 01 November, 2016
  • by nargiscafe
Our body is a temple and should be treated wisely. The regular consumption of carbs and unhealthy food might have a long-term adverse effect on our body. If you are still following a laid back diet or consuming junk food, then stop right now and start your journey of a healthy diet. Say hello to healthy food and maintain a healthy and long term relation with your body. Healthy food comprises of a collection of natural nutrients. They are rich in fiber and consist of healthy oils that are good for your heart. The protein present in healthy food helps in building muscles in your body. These essential nutrients and not found in abundance in processed food that is loaded down with unhealthy components like sodium, added sugar and preservatives. You should pick healthy fruits and vegetable from the market that will impart essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are needed for proper cell functioning and imparting long-lasting energy to your body.
Almost half of the food what we intake consists of some or another form of carbohydrates. There are some sources of healthy carbs, such as whole-grain bread and food, fresh vegetables and fruits that should be taken. Brown rice, whole-grain bread, and cereals contain a complex form of carbs that gives a long lasting source of energy to your body, as they take longer for our body to process. On the other hand, fruits and vegetable impart a quick source of energy to us through the kind of carbohydrates, which must be renewed on a daily basis. Regular intake of a fiber-rich diet will help you strengthen your digestive system. Our human body requires plenty of fibers for inculcating a proper digestive system. Mostly fiber can be found in whole-grain food. If you are consuming 2000 calories in a day, then you should have at least 38 g of fiber in your food to provide proper bowel functioning. When processed foods are made, fibers are taken out of them during milling, which should be avoided.


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