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Nargis Cafe

Brooklyn's Hidden Gem

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Nargis Cafe is an authentic Uzbek restaurant located in the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood of Brooklyn NY. It serves a variety of Central Asian dishes – everything from delicious shish kebabs to flavorful rice pilaff. The cozy atmosphere of Nargis Cafe will transport you into the exotic world of Central Asia, where Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines blend into a unique flavor...


Since it first opened its doors in 2007 Nargis provides a gateway into Uzbek cuisine and its best traditions. Our authentic décor and cozy ambiance imbue every experience with a taste and feel of Central Asian cuisine and culture.

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Nargis' culinary creations are the progeny of proprietor and the chef Boris Bangiev, a virtuoso of the culinary art. Everything in Nargis is original and unique – unsurpassed Central Asian food, warm and caring atmosphere, and eastern hospitality.

What's Clients Say

Many restaurants will say that they can make the best Chinese/Thai/Turkish food. And I can share with you that at Nargis Cafe I had the best Uzbek food I have ever had. Simply everything tasted great. And together with the service, it was just the best.

Bob A.

Google Review

The food is absolutely delicious! The service is amazing! All staff is super friendly, waiters are very professional and nice; young and eager to serve... there are quiet a few places in Brooklyn with the whole package: food, service, professionalism, price... and Nargis is one of them...

Ilona S.

Yelp Review

Delicious food. I always get their avocado salad. Now they are serving beet salad with goat cheese. Fresh, delicious, big portions and fast service but they don't rush you so you can stay and enjoy your food for hours!

Shauna T.

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Been coming here for years and love the food! Always tastes so good that you cannot stop eating! Ordered through seamless and they came in a timely manner the food was hot and fresh.

Leonora G.

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Wow wow wow! The food the service the atmosphere is the bomb. I've been in many Russian places. But here I felt right at home. I really like the iPad presentation was super helpful with detailed pictures. Christina, our server was extremely helpful with suggestion and the presentation...

Jay W.

Yelp Review

I came here on a Friday at around 7 PM and got a table right away. I would recommend asking for a table in the first room after the exit by the window so you can people watch but most important have room to eat ( try to get the table with the comfy couch seat).

Alina K.

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Stop in for a uniquely spiced salad, adorned with mixed green, yogurt, cucumbers, and radishes. Or try our Bojon salad, a fascinating delicacy served with eggplant puree and fresh garlic. Warm up with our freshly brewed green tea, served in a traditional piyala, as well as our marvelous plov (with lamb meat, rice, carrots, and chickpeas), samsa (steamed meat dumplings), shurpa (meat broth with vegetables) or lagman (diced meat, vegetables and homemade noodles).

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Uzbek cuisine is influenced by local agriculture, as in most nations. There is a great deal of grain farming in Uzbekistan, so breads and noodles are of importance, and Uzbek cuisine has been characterized as "noodle-rich". Mutto...

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Manti or Mantu are dumplings popular in most Turkic cuisines, as well as in the Caucasian, Central Asian, Chinese Islamic, and Hejaz cuisines. Nowadays, manti are also consumed throughout Russia and other post-Soviet countries, where the d...

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